Free Dating and Fun Dating Ideas

Dating doesn’t have to cost a lot or cost anything. A date is just creating an opportunity to spend time with someone and get to know them. The next time you want to meet someone, but it’s not in the budget to do dinner and a movie try one of these dating ideas.
Museum or Art Gallery:
A good date idea is a local Museum. Many often have free days. You can go to your big city museum webpage and check on that or find local city museums that you would never think to try. Be creative!
Enjoy the Park:
A good date idea could be meeting at the park. You could enjoy a breeze on a bench and spend some time together. Don’t forget to hit the swings.
Go for a Walk:
A good date idea is a walk. Meet at a local park, a great walking path or even one of your neighborhoods. It’s great exercise and gives you lots of time to just talk with no pressure. If it doesn’t go well at least you stretched your legs. You could even meet at an animal shelter and walk one of the dogs. Just call the shelter and ask if they allow that.
Watch a Movie:
A good date idea has always been to watch a movie. You can pick a movie you haven’t seen yet, but I actually like to pick favorites that we both have seen a million times. I do the classics because then we don’t miss parts and get lost when we end up talking or kissing through some of it.
Go For a Swim or Sledding:
A good date idea is going for a swim or going sledding. Depending on the season both can be a lot of fun. For Swimming, find a friends pool or a great little beach to swim around, splash and dunk each other. For sledding ask any kid where the local hills are, bundle up and go have fun.
Hit the Mall:
A good date idea for a cool date would be to go to the mall. Sit on a bench, window shop, people watch and grab some free samples. You can see what their tastes are in clothing and jewelry. Get gift ideas if the relationship grows. CONTINUE READING for more ideas.


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